Friday, September 17, 2010

My Sister's Baby Shower

Hi to all my friends in the blogging world!!

Sorry I have been neglecting you lately!  I have been busy with my sister's baby shower (last weekend) and my oldest son's 8th birthday (this weekend).  I have a tendency to "over-do" parties at my house... or so my hubby says.  I think I just enjoy creating and saving the money by doing it myself is totally worth it to me! :)

Okay, I just wanted to share a couple pictures from the baby shower.  The decorations were ADORABLE!!  I hung clothes lines in the house and the back patio and hung baby clothes from them.  This was a totally cute decoration and all the clothes went to my sister for her baby afterwards!! I didn't get pictures of the clothes lines, but I'll have to bug my sister for some.

Also, I made a really cute window decoration!  I used my Cricut Expression and my laptop with Sure Cuts a Lot to cut vinyl letters and the New Arrival cart to cut the onesie.  It turned out so good (it's too bad it doesn't photograph well).

Font used: Cupid

The last thing I wanted to share with you was a diaper cake.  My sons were all excited for a cake shaped like a diaper and were utterly disappointed when it was a cake made out of diapers! :)  It was so funny to see the look on my five year old's face when he heard that... "we can't eat diapers" he said!

I haven't written out directions for the diaper cake.  When I knew I wanted to make one, I took my search to You Tube and found several videos that helped me out a lot.  Here is the one I used for my cake.

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Anonymous said...

The decorations are very cute. The clothesline of baby clothes is a really inspired idea. Great job.

Georgiana said...

I hope you had a good time at the baby shower. You sure did put a lot of work into it.

The diaper cake is cute. I can just image your son's facial expression when there was no frosting to stick his finger in.

Georgiana : )

Rachel Ollivant said...

Awesome! Give Debi a pat on the belly for me. ;)