Saturday, May 28, 2011

Texas card

My six year old son, Owen, just found out one of his friends at school will be moving to Texas this summer.  He's quite sad about it, but wanted to make Connor a card to say good-bye.  Here is what we came up with.
I took these two images and made this card.  First, I had to quickly learn Inkscape, so I could make an SVG file out of the State of Texas image I found on Google.  I just used the color scheme from the State of Texas Flag to complete the card.

I made the shadow layer in Sure Cuts a Lot to fit around the state shape.  The card measures roughly 6"x6" and I just set up the block on my Cricut mat so that it cut all the card stock at one once. I also added the little white star.  The card base under this shaped card is white.

I printed the sentiment using Danto font at 30 points.  The white section was the only one to get the black doodling, all other doodling is using my white gel pen.

Gotta love little hands and quick dry glue!! :( My son loves helping, but we get these little glue smears sometimes.... but Owen still loves it and that's all that matters! The white star has special doodling - little dashes and dots.

As much as my boys don't care for my buttons all over, I think the black buttons are a great compromise. I tied some 1/8" satin ribbon through the button holes before attaching them with some hot glue.

Owen will be taking this in to school sometime between now and the last day of school on June 16th.

Here is the Sure Cuts a Lot file for the card if you'd like it:

Here is the svg file for the state shape only:

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Unknown said...

Great idea. I'm sure he'll love it.

Angi Barrs said...

Yay for Texas. We love it here. Love your card. So sweet of you to make it for his friend. :)

Georgiana said...

That is neat how you were able to create this card. Your son will have a new pen pal.

snappy scrappy said...

Great card, it's sad when a good little pal moves away.

Tracy said...

so sorry Owen that your buddy Connor is moving but please know that Texas is a GREAT state and we'll take care of him for you. :)
Super card Cheryl -- I'm so happy you found a Texas shape. Love the colors and all of the added features.

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

What a great card! He is sure to love this!

Ealykmls said...

That is neat how you were able to create this card. Your son will have a new pen pal.