Thursday, February 23, 2012

Finding gold at the end of the rainbow

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Today I am sharing some St. Patty's Day "finding gold at the end of the rainbow" crafts.
My two boys wanted slightly different styles of crafts. These are the two pots of gold we created. For both we picked up the supplies at Dollar Tree. The pots (3 / $1) were painted black, colored pipe cleaners, and the little shamrock necklaces (2 / $1). The candy was extra! :)

Owen made this pot of gold. He attached his rainbow (with my help with the hot glue) as a handle on his pot. 

We cut the necklaces to fit and hot glued them around the rim of the pot, then we glued the rainbow ends to the inside of the pot.

 The only thing left to do was fill our pot with gold!! Owen chose Hershey Nuggets (he'll have to share with his class).  That's the yummiest gold we've ever seen!

Here you can see the pipe cleaners we created out rainbows with. We just put the colors all in a line, and added hot glue to each end and a little stripe in the center to hold them together at the top of the arch.

This is Bryce's version of the pot of gold. He is positive that the gold is at the end of the rainbow... not under it... so he attached just one end of his rainbow to the inside of his pot. We created the cloud by crumpling up some paper and gluing cotton ball "clouds" to the other end of the rainbow.

Can't you see by his face how much he loves his creation? :)

Again we added the shamrock necklace to the rim of the pot with some hot glue. Bryce has caramel Hershey Kisses for his gold, but any candy with a gold wrapper will make perfect "gold".

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Carol said...

Looks like your boys take after their mom in the creativity department. Love these! Thanks for sharing.
XOXOX & Blessings,

teachdanz said...

How cute!! Who knows, your boys may end up as school teachers and be well prepared for art class:-)

Joanne said...

What imaginations your boys have! Love those pots of gold especially the rainbows. Great idea!

Janis Lewis said...

They did an awesome job! I love them both! :) Janis

Heather said...

Super fun project! I hope he had fun making it!

Kristi said...

Such a cute project and your boys looked like they totally loved it! Thanks for sharing.
kidshomelove at yahoo

Melissa said...

OH wow, how creative, love it, looks so yummy!!

Thanks for the chance to win!

mzcherub at gmail dot com

Wendi said...

winner!! best example of how spending little to nothing can produce these big smiles and a memory that will last forever! thanks so much for sharing

scrapbookingforfun said...

What a really adorable project!!

Migdalia said...

Super Cute Project!!!Great Job, Boys!!!

Leah said...

They did a great job!!!


lmkindell1 said...

I love your post of Gold and it looks like your boys do to.


missstamper said...

How cute! I love the idea!

missstamper (at)

BreAnn said...
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BreAnn said...

Great idea! The pots are so cute and creative, and your boys did an amazing job! I love how they each had their own idea for the pots! Thank you for sharing!

Mary said...

Cheryl, these are sooo cute. What a fun idea for the boys!

marg0006 said...

What a super idea for the kids. I'm sure they loved it.

jean said...

What a yummy idea for the boys!!!

pruttybird said...

Awww ... This is too cute! Great job!

pruttybird at comcast dot net