Thursday, January 31, 2013

Framed Scrabble Board

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Today, my two boys are sharing a fun and easy project for your kids to help create!

We made this Framed Scrabble Board for my Mother-in-Law, Sue. Including my kids, she has eight grandchildren! We really wanted to make one for my hubby's grandma too, but she has 12 great-grandkids and we simply couldn't fit all the names on one scrabble board!!

For this project you'll need a scrabble board, tiles (we needed two sets of tiles so we had enough of the more frequently used letters), hot glue / glue gun, and a shadow box frame.
We hit thrift stores by the batch to try to find a scrabble board and tiles with no luck. I ended up having to buy two scrabble boards for this project. I hated having the brand new tiles and boards, I really liked the more aged look of our old board (it's dated 1942).

This is the board that came with our new games.... long story short, my boys traded me their cool old, aged Scrabble board for this shiny new one. :)

See, don't you like the age and character of the old one better? Anyway, we set out all the names we needed to include, added a couple little touches to the corners and some love too. 

Then we glued everything down with hot glue. Try to keep your spacing uniform between the letters, they don't all butt up together to fit nicely on the playing squares.

I didn't like the nice, clean, new, unused looking tiles, so I hit the letters with my heat gun. I just used my heat embossing gun, but a hair dryer might work too. This little bit of heat gave the tiles a lovely darker sheen that I just LOVE!

Next, I found the 16" x 16" shadow box frame at Craft Warehouse. Now, my board was a wonderful 14 1/4" square, but the new board I bought was not the wonderful square that my fun old board is. If you plan on making one of these fun boards, you might want to take that into consideration when choosing your board.

I glued the board to the top of the mat that came with my frame.... and wallah!! LOVE IT!!

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