Thursday, October 13, 2011

DIY Monster Hoodie

Today is another wonderful Thankful Thursday Design Team Day over at Crazy About Cricut.  The whole reason for Thankful Thursday is to encourage crafters to get their kids (or the kids in their lives) and craft away!! I absolutely LOVE crafting with my boys... we always have a terrific time!!

The theme this week is: Monsters!!

 Here is what my boys and I came up with for the monster theme. MONSTER HOODIES!

Here is what you'll need for this project:
A Hoodie - recycled is best, but I bought ours at Walmart for $10 each
Felt - we used black, white, red and green - .25 cents a sheet at Walmart
Fabric Glue - we used "Aleene's super fabric glue"
sewing machine is optional if you want to have a super secure hold

 Here is the video we used as inspiration:

As much as we loved "Thread Bangers" version of a monster hoodie, we changed up the eyes, added a tongue and Owie (my 6 year old) said he just needed spikes down his back.

We also sewed our parts down after my boys glued them where they wanted them. I know this step may not be needed, I know my kids... this hoodie will be worn and loved and need to be washed. :) I knew it would be much more likely to come out of the washer in one piece if the parts were sewn down.
We tried to match the thread colors up with the felt pieces, except for the teeth row, for this layer we matched thread with the hoodie color.

To help the spikes stand on their own, we sewed them together down the points.

Here is the finished hoodie for my oldest son, Bryce. He is nine. The tongue on his monster is snake-like and he wanted a more "furious" monster so he picked red for his eyes.

I love the little shine we added to the monster's eyes. :)

See how the spikes stand up? Both of the boys settled on three body spikes and two head spikes.

Here is Owie's (my 6 year old) monster. He chose green eyes - to match his own eye color. I love that he chose red for his spikes, they really show up against the gray hoodie.

You can see how his eye shape is different than Bryce's. His tongue is wider too but they both wanted them forked.

Here you can see the stitching lines. A very special "thank you" to my sister who helped out with the sewing! I now have a special order to make a monster hoodie for my nephew! :)

I love that my boys love these hoodies enough to NOT save them for Halloween. :)

And here are my little monsters... making their brand new monster personas wrestle! :)

Please jump over to Crazy About Cricut and take a look at what Jenny and the other Thankful Thursday Designers have come up with for the  "Monster!" theme.


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Tanya said...

I TOTALLY love these lil hoodies!! You all did a GREAT job!! Did I say I LOVE them?? LOL..


Simply Sweet by Sharon said...

I love your project so much I am going to make one for my almost 3 year old niece!! Her favorite movie is How to train your dragon and she would go crazy for this hoodie. Thank you so much for the directions.

Shelley said...

Very creative Cheryl! Awesome!:)

Fellow CJToo DT member